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  Gabriel Cohen was born in Jerusalem in 1933, to parents of Syrian-Iraqi background. Soon after, the family moved to Paris. A significant part of his youth was spent hiding from the Nazis during the Occupation. The family moved back to Jerusalem after the founding of the State of Israel. Gabriel has the naive artist''''s instinctive feeling for color, line and texture, and he is not concerned about his limitations of knowledge or lack of formal training. His is a world of contrasts and dualism; East and West; past and future; new and old; good and evil are juxtaposed together on canvases where geographical details have been lost in the mind and dreams of the artist, and where one painting may show different countries or even continents, often covering different time spans. Exhibitions and Prizes 1974 - Exhibition of International Naive Art: KunsHaus, Zurich. 1975 - Exhibition of Five Naive Israeli Painters: Denmark, Germany 1985 - Exposition des Artistes de Jerusalem: Salon des Beaux Arts, Grand Palais, Paris. 1987 - A World of their Own - exhibition of naive artists from Israel, shown together with Chagall and the Bible : Jewish Museum, New York. 1987 - Jerusalem Prize for Painting, presented by Mr. Teddy Kollek, Mayor of Jerusalem. 1992 - Around the Wall - Jerusalem Artists Paint Their City - a group exhibition in which will travel worldwide for two years. Gabriel Cohen''''s Works Are Included In The Collection Of: Jewish Museum, New York Israel Museum, Jerusalem Tel Aviv Museum Museum of Modern Art, Haifa