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Avi Ben Simhon

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  Born I947 in Fezze, Morrocco. In 1948 upen the establishment of the state of Israel, His family immigrated to Israel. Avi spent his childhood in Jerusalem, and upon finishing his service in the Army, he joined a group of friends and founded Kibbutz Eyal. Avi studied at the Avni Art Institute, afterwards went to the kallisher institute for contemporary art. Avi Engaged in teaching art and Graphic printing in Israel. Aviís works are unique in their bright and effervescent gripping colors, his compelling intricate composition intrigues the eye of the viewer. Avi was influenced by the fauvist and cubists painter of the 19th century, and the surrealistic painters Dali and Magritte. The dramatic, Powerful images and forceful colors, are dominant in his oeuvre, and express a joy of life. His works were exhibited in various group and individual Shows in Israel and France Canada and the USA.