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Ester Myatlov

Artist at a glance:
  Ester Myatlov was born 1976 in Birobidzhan, Russia
About the artist:
  Ester Myatlov was born in 1976 in Birobidzhan, Russia.

She has been painting since childhood and graduated Art School in Birobidzhan.

In 1995, Ester immigrated to Israel where she met her husband, a painter as well, and had her first son.

In Israel she completed an academic degree at the Avni School of art, a very well known art school in Tel Aviv.

Ester’s work can be found in one-man and group exhibitions in Israel and the United States, among them:

“The Jerusalem Theatre Gallery”

“Dixsa Gallery” Tel Aviv

“Art Expo” New York

“Bruno Gallery” Tel Aviv

“Art Expo” Atlanta

“Safrai Gallery” Jerusalem