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Vicki Moliver

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  Ceremonial Judaica
About the artist:
  I am a multi-media artist working in clay, glass, mosaics and metal. My work is continually evolving as I incorporate new materials and explore their relationships in a thematic way. My heritage, travels and personal experiences around the world have also influenced me, resulting in a deep relationship with the subject and form of each piece. The brilliance of colour, contrast of materials and richness of surfaces found in nature serve as a continuous source of inspiration for my work. These themes are explored in my work whether it be a vase, a mosaic mural or a glass wall piece. Traditional form and new techniques intersect in my process, creating new directions to pursue. The settings for my work can be found anywhere: the human body, the dining room table, a display shelf around the house, even the walls and floors themselves. visit http://www.vickimoliver.com.au