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Arieh Azene

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  Arie Azene was born in Germany and now lives in Jerusalem. Group Shows: 1956 Tel Aviv Museum: Israeli artist 1959 Tel Aviv Museum: new horizons 1963 Ein Harod Museum: new horizons 1963 Biennale - Paris 1965 Tel Aviv Museum: young Artists 1966 Gordon Gallery T.A. 1967 Katz Gallery T.A. 1968 Tel Aviv Museum: Autumn Show 1971 Modern art Museum Haifa: Multism 1971 Tel Aviv artist's House: Abrstractions 1973 Jerusalem artist's house 1973 Sara Gilat gallery, Jerusalem 1974 Yodfat Gallery T.A. 1975 Yodfat Gallery T.A. 1979 Israel Museum, Jerusalem: Kadishman connection 1981 Tel Aviv Museum: new works 1985 Art - Expo N.Y. 1985 Art - Expo L.A. 1986 Art - Expo N.Y. 1986 Art - Expo L.A.