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Roni Cohen

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  Roni Cohen Zemach was born in Tel-Aviv. The artist studied in a painter's seminary, in Tel-Aviv, headed by Ran Schori. She studied art in the Avni Institute, directed by Kiva, in London and New York. Inspite of her travels around the world, the main inspiration in Roni Cohen Zemach's landscape drawings is Jerusalem, Safed and the other ancient cities of Israel. The landscape in black and white in particular is for Roni an entire world of colors. The black ink on canvas and silk is the key to the artist's picturesque world. She is able to acheive infinite possibilities in shades, structures and textures. Roni has a varied knowledge of plastic arts. She has studied and cooperated with the artists Haim Kiva, Raphi Lavie, Menashe Kadishman and Beni Efrat. It seems that her work is a synthesis of a variety of problems that an artist faces, namely, the presentation of a document, the achievement of colour effects, and finally - a personal solution to the diffusion of light and the drawing's atmosphere. The pen-point work is parallel to another medium - the etching. The essence of the artist's talents are emphasized in this medium, in the leitmotif of the old stones that are still breathing. The empty spaces inside the houses reflect a kind of mystical purity.