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Haya Ran

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  Haya Ran was born in Holon, Israel, in 1948, on the same date as the State of Israel was founded. Her first years were spent on the sands of Holon. The colors of these sands and the spiny plants of the shore provide the background to her works and appear as dominant characteristics in them. Haya Ran doesnít identify today with any particular artistic school. Her works are born out of personal experiences and feelings. They come from the remembrances of her past, of her life and her experiences as a child, and from the fantasies she entertains about them. Her subjects emanate from her private, inner world. Haya Ran focuses on the world of the female. Her women are a peculiar lot. Their dimensions are offer wide, distorted, and grotesque, yet their poses and settings are as enticing and charming as they are sexually arousing. Others of Haya Ranís women remain attached to elements of a lost childish innocence; dolls, wooden horses, masks, and wooden birds. Her works are executed with watercolors on paper. Her technique resembles that of Renaissance tempera. She superimposes strata and blends them together to create the impression of a past era. She creates not by putting down on paper her sudden impulses, but by devoting painstaking attention to the smallest details over countless hours. Ms. Ran paints with watercolors, using a multilayer method, which creates illusion of tempera. Ms. Ran developed this technique herself influenced by medieval painters and contemporary red, brown, and gold. Most of her works deal with the performing arts; the circus, clowns, dancers and the fantastic. Ms. Ran know lives in Tivon, Israel