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Ben AvraHam Nhamani

Artist at a glance:
  Safed based, Jewish motives, Mixed media creations
About the artist:
  Ben Avraham Nhamani has established himself as one of Israel's foremost artists. Although his style is clearly impressionistic, his paintings express inner messages through combinations of miniature pictures, color, and media technique. Born in Miknas Morocco, he is a traditionally observant Jew, married and the father of six children. “They represent flue against the evil eye and love for Elijah the Prophet’ he says. Blessed with a natural and rich imagination, Ben Avraham began to paint at the age of seven and is largely self - taught. He studied formally at the Ofek School of Art in Tel Aviv. He seeks to synthesize music, literature, and art in his work. His own words express his simple and deeply-felt approach: Everything is a symbol and the entire world has inner expressions. I think in terms of paintings and stories. I learn from nature, and I believe that a painter is born to be a painter. Painters cannot be created, they themselves create. I like to believe that peace will come to the world. I see and express this message in my painting with the hope that this idea will penetrate all who see and appreciate my work. In my works, each miniature has a motif, a message of its own. But as in life, each joins and blends with the whole. My love for my paintings is as a mother loves her son. Since immigrating to Israel, Nhamani has used a variety of media including: copper beating, pastel colors, and oil paint. Presently he combines many media to heighten the joyous tone of his works. His bright and evocative symbolic oil paintings of mystical subjects are particularly noteworthy and have been widely praised at his many exhibitions. His subjects are drawn from the deep well of Jewish life, Kabala, tradition and faith. Even his choice of colors and tones depicts a super-natural aura. Truly A symphony of symbols.