About Itzchak Hazin

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Itzchak Hazin

Artist at a glance:
  Rabbi Hazin is a very unique artist and creator.
About the artist:
  Rabbi Hazin (a.k.a - Chazin), born in Odessa 1952, is a "Stam writer" in profession, his wife Nechama is a painter. They choose to render their art on a very special piece of parchment, taken from a specific part of the abdomen of the cow. All pieces are meticulously hand painted and written using the same techniques used by artists in the old days. Pieces are made with a combination of pen and ink on the "Stam writing" and a special technique that uses pigment and egg white to create the vivid colors and images. Motives are prominently Jewish as the Hazin's lead an observant way of life. Very unique pieces!