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David Cohen

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  Specializes in figurative landscape and cityscape.
About the artist:
  David Cohen was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1951, the son of an artist. He immigrated to Israel at the age of 9, and was brought up in Jerusalem. Today he lives near Tel Aviv with his wife and children. He studied Art in the Bezalel School of Art in Jerusalem, Israel and in the Sir John Cass School of Art in London, England. He specializes in figurative landscape and cityscape paintings, and in particular the enchanting scenes of Jerusalem and Safed. His work underlines the way in which the sacred interacts with the secular and the traditional with the modern. His fresh renditions of traditional well-known, sites updated to their everyday relationship with modern Israeli life, make his work relevant, current and touching. Through his paintings, he transmits his personal feelings towards the places and times throughout his life. Following a recent visit to Morocco, he was inspired by the exotic landscapes and interesting faces of the country, and painted a selection of works from his travels, these being expressed in his paintings of Morocco. Exhibitions Joint Israeli artists exhibition, London, March 2004 Joint exhibition, Kiryat Ono, Israel, March 2005 Sole exhibition, Kiryat Ono, Israel, March 2007 Joint Israeli-artists exhibition, London, November 2007 Sole exhibition, Khan Museum, Ashkelon, Israel, May 2008 Joint exhibition, Ganei Tikvah, Israel, June 2008 Joint exhibition, Asia House, Tel Aviv, Israel, June 2008 Joint exhibition, "Harimon", Rosh Pina, September 2008 Joint exhibition, Petach Tikvah Artists Association, Petach Tikvah, January 2009 Joint exhibition, Kastra Gallery, Haifa, April 2009 Joint exhibition, Israel Textile Center, Tel Aviv, May 2009 Joint exhibition, Old Jaffa Museum, Jaffa, June 2009 Sole exhibition, Petach Tikvah Cultural Center, September 2009