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Iris Vexler Tamir

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  Iris Vexler Tamir is an Israeli artist / Painter
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Iris Vexler Tamir
an Israeli artist

I believe that faith projects on the art and that the art constitutes an expression of the strength of a person soul
Iris Vexler Tamir


Hannah Szenes professional school - the trend of fine arts

Army - Nahal Katif art instructor

Tel Aviv College of fine arts blocks

Bezalel Academy - Plastic Arts

Western Galilee College of Art as an educational tool

Impact Society - professional organization of plastic artists in Israel

A member of Artists and Sculptors in Haifa


2006 - Haifa Auditorium - Group Exhibition

2007 - Ave Havitrinot Ramat Aviv - Group Exhibition
2007 - The Warrior Haifa - Group Exhibition

2008 - The Asia - Group Exhibition

2008 - Kiryat Tivon Gallery - Group Exhibition

2009 - Central Gallery in Tsfat - Single Exhibition

2011 - Gallery in light of Caesarea - featured with artist Raphael Abecassis

Israeli artists participating in the book published by Babylon

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These paintings are available as lithographs,
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Iris in her studio,Kiriat tivon,Israel